Here's How To Nourish Hair That Should Be

Many people want hair that looks thick. Various methods are used, from hair care to taking certain supplements. Let's look at how to fertilize the hair effectively. Hair has grown since the fetus in the womb is 22 weeks old. At this stage there are about five million follicles (sacs where hair grows) throughout the body with 1 million of them in the head. But the more a person ages, the less hair density. This happens because the scalp is getting wider while the follicles are no longer being produced. In addition to hair follicles, the use of hair care products made from hard and structuring that makes the hair pulled makes hair easily fall out. To get fertile hair, the scalp must be healthy. A healthy scalp will make hair grow fast, thick, shiny, and easy to manage. How to Nourish Hair The most important way to fertilize hair is to maintain healthy hair and scalp. To support healthy hair and scalp, do the following: Meet protein needs Meet the needs of protein because
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